Membership Fees for NEW Members

These rates will be guaranteed for 2020 also.
Family*£788 + £34 + Hospitality Packs** £50
Full£436 + £17 + Hospitality Packs £25
5-Day£365+ £17 + Hospitality Packs £25
Country Member £244 + £17
Under-30£338 + £17 + Hospitality Packs £25
Under-25£252 + £17 + Hospitality Packs £25
Under-21£168 + £17
Student (with Matric Card)£130 + £17
*Family consists of 2 adults plus 2 children or grandchildren under 21
**Hospitality Pack consists of £25 drinks vouchers + 3 free members guests tickets (value £61)
***Lifestyle = 12 games anytime throughout the year – afternoons only.
  Payment of fees

Fees cover the calendar year (or such part of the calendar year as remains from the date of joining). Fees are due on 1 January each year and must be paid in full no later than 31 January each year, unless an alternative arrangement for payment of fees has been made with the Management Committee. Monthly payments are taken on the first working day of each month and members will be on a rolling 12 month contract from the month they sign up.

To download the direct debit mandate click on this link

Membership Enquiry Form

We currently have membership opportunities available and are welcoming applications. If you would like to be considered for membership, just fill in the form below and we will contact you.