Burntisland Golf House Club possesses a character quite unlike that of any other course in Fife, perched as it is high above the sea and incorporating to great effect an industrial legacy of abandoned quarries.

At 5993 yards it is not long but even so is remarkable for the small area into which it has been squeezed. To make the most of the available land a few holes crisscross and a number of greens lie in the path of subsequent tees. A degree of alertness and care is therefore required if you are an unfamiliar visitor.

The quarries form unusual and precipitous hazards at the 11th, 12th and 16th. Equally steep drops lie on the south Out of Bounds edge of the course at the 9th, 10th and 18th. Few balls will be retrieved if they stray at any of these holes.

It would be perhaps be overstating the case to call Burntisland a very difficult course, but with par threes like the 3rd and 5th and par fours like the 10th and 11th careful course management is required. One thing, however, it is definitely not a course for hooking the ball.

Other notable features include the superb views South over the Forth estuary to Edinburgh and West to the great span of the historical Forth Rail

HoleNameWhite TeesYellow TeesLadies Tees
1Farm Cottage303298277
2Low Binn534527502
5The Pond146135123
8Black Rock393338310
9Crow Wood347337327
12The Quarry491455431
14The Delves361338317
15High Binn317301285
16The Gully400364350
17The Bottle151118113
18Coronation '53365314255